Together we can make a difference.  Don't underestimate what your influence means to the future of the area’s bighorn sheep. 
Our first step in restoration, is understanding to the best of our ability the science behind these majestic creatures to ensure a healthy population of sheep moving forward.

Your donation will go toward a variety of scientific studies focused on:
  • Funds for collaring and monitoring (Just one GPS collar costs $1200) 
  • Monitoring ranges and migration patterns
  • Disease transmission
  • Understanding the impacts of mineral deficiencies in sheep
  • Establishing bighorn sheep and domestic sheep similarities

Get Involved 

We have tremendous opportunities to restore bighorn sheep, but we need you! 

Your support will aid bighorn sheep in once again regaining their starring role in the ecological performance playing out in the Southern Wind’s. Let’s not accept a story that ends without the possibility of bighorn restoration. 

We are reaching out to people who feel passionate about bighorn sheep. 
We are looking for support in many ways from research, to fundraising, writing articles and more! If this is a cause you think you can contribute your talents to, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you. 

Contact us about getting involved

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