We envision bighorn sheep populations in their natural ranges, supported by science-based management to minimize adverse impacts and maintain healthy, sustainable populations.

Bighorn sheep, not so very long ago, were unbelievably abundant throughout the southern Wind River Mountains

They were a powerful symbol of the wild Wind River Mountains and a vitally important ecological component within the ecosystem.  

But now there are young people in Lander who have no knowledge that the bighorns even existed here. 

It is therefore up to those of us who knew them, to restore bighorn magic. With your strong support, bighorns will once again broaden the aesthetic and economic value of central Wyoming and resuscitate bighorn wisdom to these wild and beautiful mountains. Bighorns rightfully belong here. 

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THE BIGHORN RESTORATION GROUP  is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with the mission to restore, support and protect populations of healthy bighorn sheep in the Wind River Mountains and other suitable habitats. 

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Discover unique scientific articles about bighorn sheep and stay up to date on collaring, tracking, relocation efforts and more. 

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Research Proposal 
The following proposal is very important to funding this project. Please read it to get a full understanding of our goals, thank you!
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You Can Help

We need your support - out in the field! Fill out important sighting information to help us track bighorn sheep in the Wind River Mountains. 
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